Tours have been a foundational activity of the ministry dating all the way back to its actual beginning. Many of today’s Ambassadors Football missionaries have actually begun their work with the ministry through some type of tour. In the summer of 2022 Ambassadors Football Dallas traveled to Pennsylvania and Ohio to serve alongside the local Ambassadors ministries there.

Many different goals, visions, and invitations actually make up reasons for tours. Ambassadors Football tours include:

  • Coaching Tours
  • Mission Outreach Tours
  • Local Ministry Support Tours
  • Pro Player Tours
  • Team/Club Tours

Coaching Tours


Ambassadors Coaching Tours bring together the fun and excitement of our football schools program and combines it with an amazing tour aspect. As a coach on the tour individuals are challenged to deliver sessions that provide a positive football experience for the children who attend.

Ambassadors Football believes it is vital to train young and aspiring footballers in good technique coupled with the more vitally important personal faith, discipline, commitment, and sportsmanship. Coaching tours commence with intensive training seminars that educate and equip coaches in Ambassadors Football training techniques. After their training, coaches are then sent out in teams to partner with sponsoring churches or organizations sponsoring the football camp.

On a coaching tour individuals may find themselves involved in:

  • Coaching at Church-sponsored Football (Soccer) Camps
  • Coaching in schools
  • Coaching local junior football teams

Contact us to coach at our 2022/2023 clinics and camps!


Playing Tours


Playing Tours enable footballers to marry their love of football with their faith to reach out to others around the world.

Since the early 1990’s Ambassadors Football has been taking both men’s and women’s teams to locations around the world to use football as a platform for sharing their faith, from the national stadiums of South Africa and Bangladesh to the manicured village pitches of the Czech Republic. From the futsal courts of Spain and Serbia to the dirt pitches of Africa these teams have risen to the challenge of bringing a new hope to the hopeless. A playing tour can include participation in:

  • Exhibition matches against local amateur and professional clubs and national teams
  • Football Tournaments
  • Coaching football clinics
  • Prison outreach
  • Schools work
  • Orphanage outreach