We are excited to have Todd Dexter and Associates as an official sponsor for our soccer camps and football club program.

Please take a moment to check out their website and support their business where you have a need.

Soccer Camp & Football Club Sponsorship

Ambassadors Football Dallas offers local businesses the opportunity to make their brand known to our soccer community. These unique opportunities are available for our summer soccer camps and our football club. Through our experience doing camps around the United States and our elite club experience in the Cleveland, Ohio area, we are sure that your brand will receive premium exposure with our soccer families, our church partners, and those attending our events.

Soccer Camp Shirts
In the summers, Ambassadors Football Dallas hosts soccer camps for children ages 4-12 in conjunction with local churches in the Dallas Metroplex region. These camps are an ideal platform for your brand to gain exposure in an ideal target audience; families in our local communities.

For our camper t-shirts we are offering the ability to present your brand on the sleeve of their shirts. Our coaches also receive similar t-shirts for use during the camps where your sponsorship will also be applied.

Soccer Camp and Football Club Coaches Kit

Our coaches kit, besides the t-shirts, includes a jersey and a coaching jacket that both offer more prominent branding for your business during our camps and our football club practices and games when all the fans gather to watch. This kit will also be utilized by our coaches in our year around soccer clinics that we host.

Ambassadors Football Club Dallas 2024

We will be launching our Ambassadors Football Club in 2024, a faith-based youth football club that will compete around the Metroplex area and eventually in national tournaments. Based on the model of our highly successful club in the Cleveland, Ohio area, we will be offering sponsorship opportunities in various locations on our player kit, coaching kit, and fan gear.

Current sponsorship examples from our Cleveland, Ohio elite club.

We invite you to reach out to us to discuss how you can be a part of what we are doing in the extremely popular youth soccer scene in Dallas where your brand can receive fantastic exposure.