SMTC (Soccer Ministry Training Course)

SMTC was developed to train coaches from around the world to lead summer soccer camps in the United States each year. The coaches gather together in Cleveland, Ohio one week before the summer camp season starts, to receive training in all aspects of leading children in our Soccer Camps.

No soccer experience is needed, just a heart to serve children in our camps. The coaches are taught on-field soccer drills, leading the children in bible time, and how to make the experience for the children one they will never forget.

Different forms of our SMTC are also conducted around the world where Ambassadors Football locations conduct soccer camps.

Coach At Our Dallas Area 2023 Soccer Camps and Clinics

Apply to be a coach for our 2023 Dallas summer soccer camps and clinics! Please complete all 4 linked applications.





Coach At Our USA 2023 Soccer Camps Outside Of Dallas

If you would like to coach on one of our teams outside of the Dallas area, you will need to visit our Ambassadors Soccer Camps USA site. Follow the link below to begin the process.

You do not need to fill out the forms above if you are applying for this option.

Registration is now open!


TREC (Training Resourcing Equipping Coaches/Churches)

TREC is the flagship training course that Ambassadors Football conducts around the world. TREC is a 35 hour intensive training program delivered at 3 different levels. Each TREC course includes classroom and on-field training delivered by highly certified and licensed coaches and experienced missionaries. The main focus of the program is to train Christian coaches to influence others and in the process mentor and disciple their players and ministry participants in Christ.

Our TREC course includes:

  • Practical Coaching – learning essential coaching principles and knowledge of the game by licensed qualified coaches from around the globe.
  • Biblical Basis – understanding what the bible says about sports ministry. How to be a leader, how to apply biblical teaching in a sporting context, etc.
  • Models of Ministry – exploring the variety of ways and creative methods football can be used to meet people, establish new contacts and share our faith.
  • Vision – taking what has been learned with an Action Plan that can be applied by each TREC student as they return to their churches and communities.